They Check all of the boxes!

  • Streak Free

    Use Swedish dishcloths on kitchen counters, stainless steel, backslash tiles, will be love the streak-free finish. 

  • Eco-Friendly

    Made from all natural materials (cellulose & cotton), 100% biodegradable so after its useful life, simply put it in your compost bin

  • Odour Free

    No more smelly dishcloths (FINALLY!!)  Drying quickly they don't hold moisture so bacteria (and mildew) does not have a chance to grow.   


Are Swedish Dishcloths New?

These amazing dishcloths have been a staple in in Europe for almost 70 years.   

How are they Eco-Friendly?

These functional dishcloths are made of highly absorbent all natural cotton and cellulose.  They are washable and 100% biodegradable so after their useful life in your home simply put them in the compost bin!

How do I care for my Swedish Dishcloth?

This amazing material allows for streak free cleaning and it dries odor free.  To sanitize your Swedish dish cloth you can pop it into the top rack of your dishwasher, boil it in water on the stove or put the wet cloth in the microwave for 1 minute.  Lay it flat to dry and then just wet it and it is back to its original shape as good as new!  If it gets a bit "dingy" from wiping up coffee or other food put it in the sink with a bit of bleach for 5 minutes - the background will brighten up and the design will not fade! 

How long do they last?

The short answer...a long time!  The long answer...they are designed to withstand up to 200 washes in your dishwasher top rack and weeks and weeks of everyday washing up.  You will want to introduce another fun design into your kitchen long before your cloth has given up its useful life! 

How do I order?

Please check out the catalogue pages (be sure to visit all pages) here on the website and you can place the order through the site using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal or E-Transfer payment.  If you are not comfortable ordering online, please email me and we can arrange for another form of payment!

Why Buy from A Touch of Swede ?

We are located in Ontario, so if you have any questions or problems we are right here to help!  Unlike other online vendors all prices are in Canadian dollars and there is no minimum order quantity!  With flat shipping fees to simply cover our costs there are no hidden fees.

How Do I contact you?

I am happy to hear from you! If you are interested in A Touch of Swede dishcloths for a fundraiser, or you would like a different colour, or you would like to provide a testimonial....or you would like a new friend who is passionate about streak-free Eco-friendly cleaning please email me through the website (Contact page) or at